IT Managed Services, IT Solutions

TKO is an experienced provider to small to medium sized businesses for managed IT services in the DFW area. If you’re a business of 10-150+ employees and are looking to outsource your IT needs without the headache of unpredictable, high hourly rates, our TKO’s Vision managed IT services is for you. As a local DFW area IT provider, our team of experts can quickly come on-site to solve immediate issues, in addition to Loffler’s unlimited remote support.  TKO’s managed IT services is the best solution to gain complete IT support & consultation without the expensive hassle of bringing someone in-house or paying high hourly rates.

TKO’s managed IT services have become popular among small businesses due to one very important reason — it places the burden of solving IT issues on the IT provider, not the business they support. With hourly “break/fix” rates offered by most IT providers, the client pays for each hour the provider works on an issue. Ultimately, the client pays more money for less experienced IT services and it’s nearly impossible to budget for IT expenses each month. With Loffler’s managed IT services, businesses pay a flat monthly fee which forces IT providers to solve technology issues in a timely fashion and allows the business to accurately predict their technology expenses just like any other bill.